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Betty Chandra


Betty Chandra is an experienced Prime Residential and Commercial real estate consultant, proudly associated with OrangeTee & Tie in Singapore since 2007. She represents clients listed on the FORBES list, founders of renowned fund asset management, and CEOs from Nasdaq, NSE and BSE-listed firms. Locally, she also represents top executives, professionals and expatriates from multi-national firms, SMEs, and more.  

Real Estate Investment is an integral component of Singapore's remarkable success narrative. With home ownership nearing  90%  and real estate stocks comprising approximately 22% of the Straits Times Index (STI), it underscores the pivotal role of real estate in the country's economic landscape.


Betty Chandra is passionate about the various facets of Real Estate Investments, including REITs and Tokenization. However, investing in physical real estate in Singapore transcends the conventional notion of a mere dwelling or financial venture. In this collectivist society, Real Estate Investment is deeply ingrained in time-honoured traditions and embraced as an integral part of culture and legacy planning. Thus, It not only garners the interest of local buyers but also serves as a magnet for foreign investors seeking a safe haven. 

Betty speaks and writes fluent English and Mandarin and is conversant with local dialects and intermediate Japanese. More recently, she obtained her Masters in Business Administration, U.K and has also just completed a short course on Commercial Real Estate Investment and Analysis course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Singapore Prestigious Homes showcases extraordinary prime residential properties available for sale or rent. Reach out to Betty Chandra and embark on your journey to find your perfect investment.

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